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Chocolate Raspberry Protein Smoothie

Ingredients for raspberry protein shake

Anyone can appreciate this classic chocolate raspberry combo.  This recipe makes a great meal replacement at nearly 600 well rounded, highly nutritious calories! Health benefits: Raspberries provide plenty of fiber (8 grams per cup!), vitamins, minerals and flavonoids Coconut oil contains the immune booster lauric acid, as well as plenty of medium chain fatty acids […]

Top 3 Milk Alternative Beverages You Can Make From Home

Alternative to cow's milk

As it continues to become apparent that pasteurized cow’s milk may be detrimental to our health, more people are turning to plant derived milk alternatives such as almond, coconut, hemp, oat, or rice milk etc. Health food stores are no longer the only option when it comes to sourcing these types of beverages.  As demand […]

Chocolate Quinoa Brownies (No Dairy, Flour, Gluten, or Sugar!)

Close up of quinoa brownie

Here is another simple dessert recipe that’s quick and easy to make if you have a blender. It combines sprouted quinoa and raw cacao powder (two powerful super foods), and is gluten / sugar free. Once you’ve cooked the quinoa, you can simply add all of the ingredients together and blend them. Who ever said brownies couldn’t […]