U-RAAW! creates fresh, delicious, custom-made health foods. It’s the essence of what we do, but there is more to the story.

James and Leah

In a time when diabetes and obesity are epidemic in North America, and foods with preservatives and additives line store shelves, we think a whole foods product like U-RAAW! will offer a beacon of hope for health-conscious individuals.

As the parents of two growing children, we know the importance of having access to convenient nutritious snacks and tasty wholesome meal items.

For this reason, we have developed U-RAAW! and are committed to supporting healthy eating habits.

Not only does U-RAAW! provide a fun way for busy Canadian families like yours to create their own cereal, energy bars, trail mix, and smoothie mixes, but our foods also help to quickly satisfy hunger while on the go.

We all need to guard our health by eating mindfully, which is not always easy to do. Taking the time to customize our food is one way of making an intelligent choice towards disease prevention.

At U-RAAW! we believe in supporting sustainable farming practices and whenever possible, we will purchase seasonally grown, local products like buckwheat, dried blueberries, dried cranberries, dried apple, flax seeds, honey, hemp products, gluten-free oats, and more.

Also, we intend to depend on reliable sources for our ingredients because knowing where our food comes from is an important component of healthful eating.

Finally, we will be donating a percentage of our profits towards making our planet a better place to live.  We'll keep you posted as to our choices in this regard.

As the founders of U-RAAW! we are looking forward to filling your nutritious orders promptly and efficiently.

Best of health,

Adam Franklin