TestimonialsIt’s so much nicer when someone else says super things about you. Here's what customers are saying about U-RAAW!:

- Calah W., Ontario, Canada (04/18/2023)

"UNREAL. My order just arrived! I'm so impressed that it was delivered so quickly! Well done! I'm so disappointed....I JUST ate lunch and am too full to try any of these amazing looking products!!! I just graduated from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, and am scratching my head as to how your company was never mentioned in 3 years of intensive study of holistic nutrition. I'll be launching into practice after a summer of outdoor farm labour, and will for sure be spreading the word. Word! Thank you for excellent service, and I look forward to feeding my machine with your goodness. "

- Jefferey, Toronto, Canada (10/18/2022)

"keep up the terrific effort to offer healthy foods at reasonable prices. You're making all the difference."

- Tracy G., Canada (04/04/2021)

"Wow! I just received my first order of coconut, brazil nuts and bee pollen and just wanted to say how excited I am by the quality and especially the freshness of these items. It blew me away. I will most definitely purchase again and try other things. I did a happy dance and posted on my facebook how great the stuff was and put up a link to your company!!! Thanks a bunch for your quality business and quality products. All the best!"

- Tricia K., Canada (12/07/2020)

"This is just a note to say "hi" as per your update communication below and to thank you for having been such a convenient resource for dried fruit both before the virus arrived as well as during these crazy times. I'm sure my story is similar to that of many other customers', whereby I am striving to minimize my errands and exposure in stores as I try to manage my grocery requirements. As such, I have particularly appreciated being able to place an order (most recently for multiple pounds of dried apricots) and have a worry-free delivery of the product to my doorstep (upon which it safely decontaminates for a couple of days after being brought into the house. Hehehe.) Thank you for continuing to be a valuable resource for online healthy foods!"

- Andrew W., Canada (11/14/2020)

"I just tried your bars and they're incredible! I usually only eat and buy bars because they are on sale or the numbers look good, protein, etc. I dont care at all what the price or numbers are on these bars because they actually taste good. I would get these bars because eating them is enjoyable--the other bars I typically would buy are Iron Vegan and Vega and this blows them both away! Well done I'll order once these are gone"

- Janet L., St. Agathe, MB (11/09/2020)

"Thank you very much! Your service and product is exceptional and I am very pleased with all."

- Lynne M., Powel River, BC (11/04/2020)

"Hello, I have been searching for you.  I don't order food from China and when looking for buckwheat groats that is all I could find. Thank you for your concerns about food and carrying high quality products.  I will look forward to receiving my groats."

- Hugo D., Longueuil, QC (08/03/2020)

"Got all my goodies already! That was fast! Trusting the source and quality of what I eat is a high priority of mine, so I’m really happy about finding U-Raaw (just from googling ‘’Buy organic dried mangoes online’’)! I’ll be ordering again and again for sure!"

- Pam M., Regina, SK (05/08/2020)

"We just received our order today - WOW! THANK YOU! We are more than pleased with our order and the nuts are delicious. Very much looking forward to our breakfast cereal tomorrow!"

- Brigid M., Burlington, ON (05/08/2020)

"So I am just writing to say hello, and to tell you that your website is the best laid out and The easiest to maneuver I have ever come across. If I start an online business I would like one exactly like it for my product and service."

- Richard R., Langley, BC (04/13/2020)

"Your dates, prunes and figs are excellent. They are far superior to Prana which can not match your product."

- Liz M., Victoria, BC (04/22/2019)

"Thanks SO much - order just arrived today!  On Easter Monday at 12:20 pm! Great service .. love your products!  We are now making almond milk instead of hemp milk, and also use the almonds in our homemade seed & nut bread, for almond butter, and in our granola and muffins.  The cashews go quickly too - in our homemade yoghurt, vegan Parmesan cheese, vegan avocado-cashew cream cheese, and vegan sour cream! Plus stir fries, salads and more! Dried apricots go into our cooked steel-cut oats breakfast daily, and  into our granola, muffins, and trail-mix too! Thank you again for making our shopping so easy and affordable, and your consistently high quality is a joy!"

- Chris A., Montreal, Quebec (03/28/2016)

"Just wanted to say thank you for the great products/work you provide. All of your products taste better than any other stores I buy protein powders/nuts/etc. from. I also just ordered expecting a week delay (as with other online stores), but it was shipped within minutes. You're awesome, you have a life long customer, Chris"

- Danielle R., Florida, USA (03/22/2016)

"My friend in Canada and I have received our shipment. I am in AWE by your product. My friend is overwhelmingly happy by the taste. The protein powder and the trail mix are so fresh. I have never tasted anything so fresh in all the buying of healthy stuff that I have done. Thank you so very much for this top quality product. I will be posting your website link on my family and friends Facebook. You will be seeing more of me again. "

- Martha D., Toronto, Canada (11/14/2015)

"Just received my 2pmMartha bars. You should market these - I have to say I invented the best bars ever! They came in 3 business days to my Toronto office and everyone is oohing and aahing over the labelled bars. The thing that drew me to your site initially was the fact that most ingredients were organic and that I could control the sugar content of my bar, which is super important to me. As well, the price is competitive with what I would pay for a protein bar.Thanks again! Awesome site and great idea. Glad to know we have a place like yours in Canada."

- Jonathan W., Canada (9/14/2015)

"Thanks for a offering a great product/service. I've always ordered from omfoods for the cheapest organic Canadian bulk food prices but since freshness can be variable form them I decided to look for another source and just recently found you. Your free shipping option is awesome!"

- Scott B., British Columbia, Canada (7/26/2015)

"I wanted to tell you how happy my wife and I are with your products. You are a real find!"

- Deonna M., Toronto, ON (6/26/2015)

"Bars arrived, I sampled one and they are great - my kids are giong to love these. Thanks!"

- Ashley H., Toronto, ON (6/21/2015)

"I LOVE your bars! I ordered two boxes a little while ago and I think I ended up eating less than half as I was giving them to friends to try as I swear by them that much! My girlfriend Pam is already addicted and a happy customer and I have many other friends and family members who will be becoming customers!"

- Pamela F., Toronto, ON (5/26/2015)

"Just wanted to thank you again for the last min variety pack you put together for me! I've been searching for a protein packed snack bar to curb my cravings and help me on my busy days as a Mommypreneur!!! Well, my search has finally come to an end! I am sooooo happy I've found out about U Raww 2 weeks ago!!! I have never had a bar in which I can actually truly taste each ingredient with every bite! This is by far the tastiest and freshest bar I have ever tried! I can't wait to place my next order! PS. My toddler is OBSESSED and keeps digging into my stash, Jr bars perhaps??? Thanks again! Sincerely"

- Collette M., Ontario (5/19/2015)

"Hot diggity these are good!"

- Ciara F., Toronto, ON (4/25/2015)

"I think I'm in love with this company U-RAAW! It's local, Canadian and they make CUSTOM, organic, pure, preservative-free protein bars! I had one this weekend at the Boot Camp I attended in support of the Special Olympics and motionball and I fell in love!"

- Natallie S., Ottawa, ON (4/2/2015)

"I received my order yesterday and wanted to let you know that I am in awe that you can produce these bars and protein powders so quickly. I especially love my bars - they're delicious, satisfying and nutritious. Thanks for offering so many healthy options. Your packaging is perfect too."

- Mitchell M., Sudbury, ON (3/30/2015)

"I can't tell you how blown away I am at the customer service of your business. I will most definitely be a returning customer. Thank you so much!"

- Christina W @christinawood21 (3/14/2015)

"My very own, custom made protein bar! Thanks @URaaw they're delicious!!"

- Talena R., Hamilton, ON (2/22/2015)

"I am super excited I happened upon your website. I have been searching for a healthy protein (tried Isagenix, Arbonne, Vega) and have not been able to find one that has exactly what I want until now. I am also happy it is a Canadian company. I just placed my first order and will definitely recommend this to my friends. This is such a great concept!"

- Scott B., Denman Island, BC (2/9/2015)

"Just thought I'd let you know that everything arrived today. We are very impressed with the quality and I'm sure we will be one of your regular customers. You have a really nice business going, glad we found you."

- Sarah K., Edmonton, AB (2/5/2015)

"Got my first order. Love it! Such a great idea!"

- Jordan O., Burlington, ON (1/18/2015)

"I got my first box "Jordan's Bars" for Christmas from my mother-in-law. I used to eat Quest bars, now I'll never go back."

- Jen C. & Caroline E., London, ON (1/15/2015)

"We just got home from practice to find the bars and WOW - they are amazing. They are delicious and we love the way they turned out! Thank you so much!!"

- Brittany K., Guelph, ON (1/3/2015)

"The bars were delicious, my boyfriend and I couldn't wait to get home and try them!"

- Suzie C., Toronto, ON (12/3/2014)

"I've received my order of U-Raaw bars and I tried the custom Jubee bar, and it's delicious!!! Loooooove and can't want to try the bars in my variety pack!!"

- Elena A., Guelph, ON (11/25/2014)

"Love these products and i am happy it is all organic. The best bars we have ever tasted. My whole family eats them like candy. Thank you U-raaw!"

- Sue C., Port Howe, NS (11/04/2014)

"I am so happy/grateful that Uraaw exists. Being able to order from Canada is a real bonus and then add the exceptional quality of everything I've tried so far to the equation and I couldn't ask for better. Great nuts, always so fresh and really nice customer service too. Thank you."

- Liisa L., Toronto, ON (10/07/2014)

"I made 2 batches of bars and they're great -- mainly because they have less carbs + sweetness than bars you buy at the store. the flavour is fresh, and i love having all organic choices for ingredients. i'm so happy you created this option. thank you."

- Zarah N., Toronto, ON (10/01/2014)

"I received my bars and you totally made my day. Thank you very much :)"

- Lorraine L., Colorado, USA (09/28/2014)

"Received my bars yesterday and tried one this morning, they're great! It's so nice to be able to pick the ingredients so you know exactly what you're getting.Service is terrific too. I had ordered shortly before our vacation and asked that shipping be delayed until our return and they were shipped right on time."

- Val M., Guelph, ON (09/22/2014)

"I love these healthy/convenient snacks for my kids lunches!"

- Adam C., Guelph, ON (09/12/2014)

"i wanted to say i received the custom "chocolate almond" bars yesterday, and they are great. I like the packaging, the taste was great, and it was quite filling for an energy bar. I also like the fact that I picked everything in it, and i know it is all organic, local, and fresh. i have eaten 3 already, they wont last long. thanks!"

- Kate M., London, ON (09/02/2014)

"Your bars were a huge hit at our baby shower! We gave them away as our take homes for all the guests! Everyone really enjoyed them!"

- Angela C., Montreal, QC (08/22/2014)

"Received my order, shipping really fast. The smoothies are so good, looks natural and healthy. Love my Trail Mix!!!! Very fresh and tasty! Couldn't love more!!!!!! I will definitely repurchase."

- @teadrinker_dee (08/18/2014)

"So so excited about my snacks! @URaaw Makes the BEST personalized snack mixes!"

- Roxane M., Guelph, ON (07/24/2014)

"Picked up 2 different custom bars from you last week and I have to say that they were both a big hit in our house!! The girls also loved the Cookie Dough sample bars that you put in the box. I will be ordering more for sure, thanks for making a great, healthy product that is local!!!"

- Anna L., Burlington, ON (07/21/2014)

"Thanks for the great service and products. Definitely top of the line. all the best!"

- Carmy, Toronto, ON (07/10/2014)

"I love how in a way, I'm making it myself (without all the elbow grease!) and knowing everything that's in the bar is healthy. It's perfect! the packaging I very much liked since it was easy to open unlike other bars where if you rip it open, it doesn't open straight across."

- April C.Y., Quebec, QC (07/1/2014)

"The bars are absolutely delicious!! I cannot even believe it!! They are definitely the best bar I have ever tried and I will be coming back for more!"

- Claire S., Toronto, ON (06/25/2014)

"I had known about U-RAAW from the owner for awhile but was nervous about what to put in my bar in case I didn't end up liking it. Boy was I wrong to wait! I placed my first order, named it after an inside joke and am in heaven. My protein bar tastes like dessert, yet doesn't leave you feeling remorseful or with a sore stomach. My base was cashew butter and dates and I added lots of little additions like banana chips, coconut, sea salt and honey! The protein powder (whey) also didn't leave the chemical/fake flavour I'm used to (I normally eat Clif, or other Costco brands). If anyone is hesitating about ordering, don't hesitate! And if you need advice send an email to the company and they will help you out. A customized service and a customizedsnack... the best!"

- @DegusLocke (06/20/2014)

"Took my cereal to work this morning and had it for breakfast AND lunch. #LOVE"

- Kate M., Toronto, ON (06/19/2014)

"Just wanted to let you know that both boxes of bars were a huge hit! We'll be making another order soon I'm sure, at the rate we are going through them! They are that good! It was very kind of you to throw in a sample of the chocolate covered hazelnuts too. Thanks for that!"

- Victoria P., Toronto, ON (05/24/2014)

"I got the mix and the bars already and they're both AMAZING!"

- Shannon C., Edmonton, AB (05/17/2014)

"So I just wanted to follow up - my bars came today so I tore into one to give it a try. WOW! So good! Like remarkably good and I'm not just saying that to be nice. The peanut was definitely the strongest flavor in the bar and I couldn't taste too much apple in there, but it didn't really matter, they were delicious. What I liked the most I think was the texture. I find with so many other bars and especially the Quest ones, which seem to be all the rage right now, is they're still pretty hard and difficult to chew or just don't have a nice feel in the mouth. But these ones sort of crumbled in a certain way. It kind of reminded me of eating a Crispy Crunch bar actually, which I'm a big fan of. :) So yeah, hats off, they are fantastic."

- Laura F., Toronto, ON (05/10/2014)

"I love the concept of creating your own energy bars with your own custom ingredients. I’m pretty picky when it comes to what I put into my body and it’s really hard to find commerical energy or protein bars that live up to my high standards. It’s easy to tell that URAAW! uses high quality, organic ingredients and absolutely no preservatives or artificial flavours or sweeteners. I have designed a few different kinds of URAAW! bars and have loved all of them. I recommend URAAW! products to all my friends— keep up the great work!"

- Ayanna D., Montreal, QC (04/26/2014)

"The trail mix is delicious. The chocolate almonds are FAB. The cherries (which I love on their own) are a bit too tart with the chocolate. It would have been better if I added walnuts instead but I'm killing that bag! I keep it on my desk as work for my 3pm snack. A handful actually goes a long way. My colleagues are also enjoying the bars and the mix :o) People were so curious and surprised that you can get CANADIAN, custom, natural, fresh raw organic snacks...ONLINE. So hopefully I've pointed a few people in your direction. All this to say that I am very happy!"

- Alaina Y., Toronto, ON (04/22/2014)

"Love the dark chocolate covered hazelnuts and almonds in my trail mix. The smoothie mix is great- I love how I can combine so many different things into one mix. Everything was super easy to order and I love how fast it came. Really great products. I'll definitely be ordering again in the future!"

- Michelle D., Toronto, ON (04/06/2014)

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my bars today - I was blown away by the packaging - very impressive but most importantly I love the consistency and the taste of my personalized bar!"

- Nicole E., Beeton, ON (04/03/2014)

"Just got my bars - obviously could not wait to have one... The BEST afternoon snack I have had in a long time!! Thank you so so much! I will be posting about them soon!"

- Vivian C., Ottawa, ON (03/01/2014)

"OMG. I just got the package and scarfed down two. Holy hell they're good."

- Gunner M., Caledon, ON

"The best custom energy bars available. Period. Definitely an amazing choice for stocking up on the ingredients you need in a bar, they have awesome suggestions as well! Highly recommended!"

- Mike A., Guelph, ON

"U-RAAW! energy bars are fantastic. They are both delicious and nutritious. I love that I can make my own custom bars with healthy ingredients."

- Jamie P., Guelph, ON

"Greatest energy bar I have eaten. Flavor and consistency is great. Not granular tasting like most protein and health bars. Love that you can mix your own flavors"

- Roman Y., Thornhill, ON

"The Celerity bar blew me away! Incredible flavours, definite re-order for me. Was that the bar with vanilla and carob? Fantastic. The other bar was good too, but just doesn't compare. Great turnout. I haven't tried the trail mix yet, but I'm sure it'll be the same."

- Gwen S., Toronto, ON

"I am currently eating my last "Pengwen" energy bar and they were absolutely delicious and a great energy boost/filler. I was hoping to reorder them and possibly change them up a bit. Let me know what you would recommend so that I can reorder.  I just really want to get more in my house, they have been a life saver when I am working late and I've really been missing them the last few days.”

- Maeghan K., Yorkton, SK

"Just received my order (super fast shipping!) and couldn't be happier! I've been searching everywhere for organic peanuts to make my own peanut butter and was excited to find some on U-Raaw! Love that the energy bars are all individual packaged and ready to eat on the go. (Love all the packaging actually) It will be fun to experiment with different ingredient combinations, and have peace of mind knowing the ingredients are all clean, healthy and non-GMO! I also can't stress enough how happy I am to be able to order from within Canada! Thanks for the wonderful customer service U-Raaw, you have gained a lifetime customer :)"

- Rick C., Nova Scotia

"Just wanted you to know that the nuts reached our post office on the 23rd but an ice storm delayed their pick-up until the 24th but the bottom line is that they were under the tree on the 25th and the gourmet chef, nut connoisseur says they are delicious!"