Pick the size and ingredients for healthy snacks on the go 

(GUELPH, 21-06-2014) For the first time in Canada, custom cereals, energy bars, smoothie mixes, and trail mixes can now be shipped to your door in one to two business days. U-RAAW!, a new company launched today, offers the freshest, highest quality ingredients for healthy, portable foods.

Whether a healthy snack for children or recovery food after a workout, U-RAAW! offers 100 percent natural nutrition that customers can customize to dietary, and taste, requirements. Snacks can be nut-free, gluten free, soy free, low sugar, vegan or paleo and all the ingredients are GMO free with a unique variety of options that can’t be found in local health food stores.

“You can make the food your way. Just pick the size and the ingredients you want,” said owner Adam Franklin. “It’s about making it convenient, easy and delicious. That way we can help people make healthy decisions, even when they’re short on time.”

This is how it works: Choose a size, then make your ingredient selections starting with the base first. The price is determined by selections except for the energy bars. U-RAAW! even provides tips to help select great flavours.

Without preservatives or additives, customers can enjoy fresh, whole foods and select ingredients that suit their tastes and needs. Franklin and his wife Kathryn Marcella track the sources of all the ingredients. Most ingredients are organic and direct from local growers wherever possible, and every supplier has the appropriate certifications so that customers know exactly what is in their food.

“Not only can you feel good about what you’re feeding your body, you can feel good about where it’s coming from,” said Marcella. “You’re supporting the farmers, the environment and small businesses.”

Franklin and Marcella decided to start the company because they had trouble finding easy, quick snacks that tasted good for a fair price, so they started creating it themselves. Passionate about healthy lifestyles they want to have a big impact on people’s health and the world around them so they will donate one per cent of their profits to charity.

U-RAAW! delivers healthy eating across Canada and if customers want to help their friends and family choose healthier eating they offer personalized gift cards or digital gift certificates.

U-RAAW! creates fresh, delicious, customized cereal, energy bars, smoothie mix and trail mix using high-quality, organic ingredients. Available across Canada, customers can order the portable health foods they need with the ingredients they want in two easy steps. U-RAAW! is committed to supporting healthy eating. For more information about U-RAAW!, please visit


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