Coffee Health Boosters – Add These Ingredients to Your Next Cup

Organic coffee beans

Did you know that coffee is full of polyphenols and flavonoids, similar to those found in red wine and chocolate?    These antioxidants help neutralize harmful molecules that damage healthy cells in your body.  For this reason, coffee can be an enjoyable, healthy addition to your diet if consumed in moderation.

Of course, the ingredients you add determine just how healthy (or unhealthy) your coffee is.  Drinking black, dark roasted organic with no additional ingredients is a safe bet – you’ll get the benefits of the antioxidants, with no extra calories.  But few people truly enjoy their coffee this way, and enjoying the foods and beverages that we consume is important.

When it comes to ingredients, obviously sugar and artificial sweeteners are out.  Opt for Xylitol or stevia instead.  If you’re a fan of the classics, perhaps you may like a little organic cream from grass fed cows.

But what other ingredient options are a good choice?

These healthy, flavourful additions that will help add a some pizazz to your brew:

Coconut Oil

A plant based saturated fat that contains primarily medium-chain fatty acids – a source of Coffee beans and coconut oilfat that can be used as energy the moment it hits the liver.  The brand you use will determine the potency of the flavour, but generally it’s a very nice, mild coconut taste.  If you hate coconut but want to take advantage of the benefits of coconut oil, there are brands that have virtually no flavour.

Benefits:  Contains medium-chain fatty acids for energy, and lauric acid which has been shown to kill harmful bacteria.


Organic butter from grass fed cows tastes great, and is an excellent source of healthy saturated fat and vitamins.

Benefits:  Source of vitamins A, E and K, and healthy saturated fat.


Adds a unique flavour, and contains beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Benefits:  Contains B vitamins, minerals, polyphenols.


This delicious little spice adds a sweet, warm taste.

Benefits:  Anti-inflammatory, high in fibre, manganese, and one of the most potent food sources of antioxidants.


A delicious addition for the chocolate lover.  Contains exceptional levels of magnesium, and antioxidants.

Benefits:  Anti-inflammatory, promotes cardiovascular health.  high in magnesium, iron, and flavanoids.

Whey protein

An easy way to add a blast of fast absorbing protein.  Only use high-quality unflavoured whey that contains no additives or preservatives.  Generally it’s relatively neutral tasting, but we recommend adding other ingredients such as cacao, cinnamon, or vanilla extract along with the whey.

Benefits:  Clean source of protein that is very easy for the body to use.

 Tips to get the Most out of Your Coffee

Coconut milk coffeeIn addition to adding the health boosting ingredients mentioned above, here more tips to help you get the most out of your coffee from a health perspective:

#1 – Go organic

High amounts of pesticides are used to produce conventionally grown coffee beans.  For this reason, we recommend going the organic route.

#2 – Choose dark roast beans

Studies have shown that dark roasted beans contain the highest levels of antioxidants.

#3 – Opt for whole beans instead of ground

Although it takes a little more time to grind your own beans, it’s worth the effort.  This will ensure the freshest, most potent cup of coffee.

#4 – Moderate your coffee consumption

Aim for no more than one to two cups of coffee a day.  You’ll benefit from the antioxidants, but won’t have to worry about the potential down side of excessive caffeine consumption.

Tasty Coffee Recipes

Try these great coffee recipes from other sites:

Recipes coming soon!

Have you tried any of these ingredients in your coffee?  Please share your recipes with us by commenting below!

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