The Health Benefits of Nuts and Seeds

Various nuts in bowls

Nuts and seeds are among the most beneficial natural foods that you can consume. Studies like this indicate that those who consume nuts on a regular basis may live long than those who don’t.  In this post, we will take a look at some of the specific health benefits that nuts and seeds have to offer.

Weight Loss and Maintenance

When nuts and seeds are consumed, they help regulate the blood sugar levels and prevent hunger pangs and consequently the consumption of extra calories. The dietary fiber which these foods contain helps for the improvement of digestion and the metabolism as a whole. This can contributes greatly to both weight loss and weight maintenance.

Heart Disease and Diabetes Prevention

Nuts and seeds contain large amounts of dietary fiber (with flax seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and pistachios taking the top positions in this category). Dietary fiber can help lower unhulled hemp seedscholesterol, and plays a positive role in cardiovascular health.

Dietary fiber also works to slow down the release of glucose into the blood stream which may help prevent type 2 diabetes. Because of this, nuts and seeds are often recommended to patients who already have this condition as it can help regulate blood sugar.

Some of the essential fatty acids found in certain nuts have been shown to reduce inflammation in the body which may decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Nuts and seeds are excellent sources of vitamin E and zinc. These two compounds work to protect the skin from damage and to promote its health. They keep it plump, clear, soft and smooth and give it a natural healthy glow.

They are good for the scalp and for the hair as well. Vitamin E along with other antioxidants works effectively to fight aging by fighting free radicals that build up in the body.

Improved Energy and Mental Focus

Water added to nutsNuts and seeds are sources of healthy protein and fats, and many different antioxidants-a true whole food. In this way, they cane help to prevent and alleviate fatigue and boost energy levels.

The omega-3 fatty acids that some nuts contain work to provide optimal mental health and may even help fight depression and anxiety. They help you stay focused and give you the mental clarity that you need during the day.

Consumption Tips for Greatest Benefits

In order to get the most out of the nuts and seeds you consume, consider soaking them to make them easier for your body to digest. Variety is also important as well since each nut or seed offers different types of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals etc.

Always keep in mind that although nuts are considered healthy, it’s important to eat them in moderation.

What are your favourite types of nuts and seeds?  Please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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