How to Stay Active Throughout the Winter

As the snow begins to fall here in Canada, we enter into what I would call the hibernation season. The more the temperature drops, the more tempting it is to sit inside all day with a cup of hot chocolate.

In the summertime the options for physical activity are endless. Whereas in the wintertime, it becomes difficult to get moving. Why?

  • The days are shorter
  • The weather is bad for travelling to the gym
  • The snow makes it difficult for runs, walks & outdoor games
  • Staying cozy inside is much more appealing

These obstacles standing in the way of maintaining our physical fitness are real. To combat them, here are some ideas for how to incorporate movement into your winter routine:

At home workouts

Who says you need a gym membership to work out? Working out at home, with or without equipment, can be just as effective as at a gym. Even if you do have a membership, working out at home can be a great alternative for when the weather is too bad to travel there.

There are some amazing online resources to guide you through your workout. For a variety of effective at home workouts try Popsugar Fitness videos. Or if you enjoy yoga, you could try Yoga With Adriene.

Find a fun winter activity to try

One of the best things about the changing of seasons is the variety of activities possible. The new activities available in the winter provide a great opportunity to try something new. There is cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, skating and sledding. Another plus is that all these activities can serve as a workout, while being a social event.

Every little bit counts

Every small bit of movement throughout the day makes a difference. If you don’t want to try a complex new activity, you could try taking a relaxing walk after dinner. All you need to do is bundle up and grab a friend or family member.

Even taking the stairs instead of the elevator is beneficial for your health. Shorter sections of movement are still movement – the goal is try to be sedentary as little as possible. A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression and high blood pressure.

So have fun getting outside and staying active this winter. Find what activities you enjoy, and don’t be afraid to try something new!

Do you have a favourite wintertime activity? Let us know what it is in the comments below!

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