Hemp seeds

Everything you Wanted to Know About Canadian Hemp Seed

Hemp seed is one of the most powerful and nutritious super-foods on the planet.  The seeds can be consumed in their whole form, hulled (with the outer shell removed), as hemp protein powder, or as oil.  Hemp packs a powerful nutritional punch no matter which way you choose to consume it. In this post we [...]
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3 chia pudding flavours

Chia Pudding Recipe: Chocolate, Vanilla, or Coconut-Goji

At U-RAAW! we’re constantly trying to concoct healthy desserts that taste great, and this chia pudding recipe will not disappoint! Why Chia?  Chia seeds absorb up to 12 times their weight in liquid, making them a great option for a perfect pudding texture.  They are also a powerful superfood that contain lots of antioxidants, fiber, [...]
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vitamins and minerals on spoons

5 Vitamins & Minerals That May Be Deficient in Your Diet

Adequate levels of essential vitamins and minerals are crucial for optimal health.  What many of us don’t realize however is that the majority of North American’s are deficient, which can lead to significant health problems over the long term. Below we will take a look at the five vitamins and minerals that are most commonly [...]
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List of Best and Worst Seafood Choices for 2014

Seafood can be a very healthy and enjoyable part of our diet. In addition to being an excellent source of lean protein and various vitamins and minerals, many fatty fish (such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines) are one of the most potent sources of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids of any food. Furthermore, the type of [...]
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soaked walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and hazelnuts

Complete Guide to Soaking Nuts & Seeds

Soaking nuts and seeds is a relatively simple process that everyone can benefit from.  Not only are soaked nuts and seeds more nutritious and easier to digest, they also taste incredible! In this “guide to soaking nuts and seeds” we will outline all of the steps required to successfully soak your first batch. The Benefits [...]
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