The Zero Sugar Diet – Is It Healthy?

The zero sugar diet completels eliminates added sugars. Here is all you need to know about added sugars, and how following this diet may (or may not) help you lose weight.

What Is Maca? Health Benefits and How To Eat It

Maca powder is the latest superfood craze. So what is it and where did it come from? Maca is a plant that was first discovered in Peru, and has been used for medicinal purposes there for thousands of years. You have probably heard of maca referred to as maca root, and that is because the […]

6 Easy and Healthy Snack Ideas

Who doesn’t love to snack? The good news is that snacking in between meals can help regulate your blood sugar… not mention satiate your appetite. Sure, mindless snacking can hurt health efforts. But snacking has been given a bit of a bad rep. When done intentionally, snacking will only benefit your health. One thing to […]

How to Read a Nutrition Label

Choosing healthy foods can be super confusing! This is why nutrition labels are required on the back of every packaged food. These tables are your best weapon for buying foods to meet your specific nutrition needs. You can make the best food choices by simply understanding how to read these nutrition labels. Here are five […]

Healthy Chocolate Chunk Pumpkin Bread

Who says you can only eat pumpkin flavoured foods in the fall?! It’s February and I am still enjoying the great minerals and antioxidants from pumpkin in the form of baked goods. This pumpkin bread is delicious and moist, while beneficial for your health. The recipe uses greek yogurt and a dash of olive oil […]