Organic Dried Cranberries (Sweetened)

Organic Dried Cranberries  (Sweetened)
Organic Dried Cranberries  (Sweetened)
Organic Dried Cranberries  (Sweetened)

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About Organic Dried Cranberries (Sweetened)

Our Canadian grown, raw, organic dried cranberries are sweetened with organic apple juice, and are the perfect addition to your baking recipes, trail mixes, or simply eaten raw by the handful.

Dried cranberries are packed with vitamin C, fiber, and are one of mother natures richest sources of phytonutrients (including phenols, and flavonoids).

Nutritional Information

Here are some of their nutritional highlights of dried cranberries:

  • Rich source of vitamin C, fiber, and manganese
  • One of the best food sources of phytonutrients, including phenolic acid, proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and triterpenoids.
  • Cranberries high antioxidant level makes gives them one of the highest scores on the ORAC value chart.

From The World's Healthiest Foods website:

"While familiar nutrients like vitamin C and fiber play a very important role in cranberry's health benefits, it's the amazing array of phytonutrients in cranberries that has gotten the special attention of health researchers"

Each 1/4 cup serving of dried cranberries contains 90 calories, comprised of 20 grams of carbohydrates, and 1.7 grams of fiber.  Cranberries do not contain any protein or fat.

Health Benefits

Cranberries have been studied extensively, and have been linked to the following health benefits:

  • Protection agains urinary tract infections (UTI)
  • Fight inflammation
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve digestion
  • Prevent certain cancers
  • Aid in the recovery from stroke
  • Promote oral health

With such an extensive list of health benefits, there is no question that cranberries are an extremely powerful food and a great addition to your diet!

Interesting Facts About Dried Cranberries

  • Cranberries are also know as "bounceberries" because they contain small air pockets within them, enabling them to bounce on the ground.  This is also why they can float on water.
  • In North America, over 400 million pounds of cranberries are consumed each year!
  • Cranberries are cultivated in five states, as well as the Canadian provinces British Columbia and Quebec.
  • The cranberry is one of only three fruits native to North America

Storage Tips for Maximum Shelf Life

Store cranberries in an air tight container in the cupboard for up to 12 months, or in the refrigerator for up to 18 months.

How to Enjoy

Dried cranberries are a tasty, antioxidant rich treat when eaten on there own, but they are also a great addition to other foods. Here are some other ways to enjoy them:

  • Add to breakfast cereals or oatmeal
  • Use them in baking recipes (muffins, pancakes, cookies etc.)
  • Add to your favourite trail mix
  • Mix in with nut butters
  • Add as topping to salads and other dishes

Dried Cranberry Recipes

Coming soon!  

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 100g
Calories 334
Total Fat . 0.5g
Saturated Fat 0g
Cholesterol omg
Sodium 7mg
Total Carbohydrate 80g
Dietary Fiber 7g
Sugars 67g
Protein 0g
Vitamin A 8%
Vitamin C 12%
Calcium 8%
Iron 0%


Organic Canadian cranberries, organic apple juice, organic sunflower oil (less than 1%).


Packaged in a facility that also processes tree nuts and peanuts.

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