The Top Two Diets of 2019

In light of the new year, you might be considering trying a new diet. Many of us begin new diets in hopes of losing weight or improving health, especially in January.

Studies have proven that when you enter into a new way of eating, it is more sustainable to focus on health rather than weight loss. Your new way of living or eating will prevail in the long run if your focus is on improving your overall health. Unfortunately, it is more common for us to enter into a new diet with only goal in mind of losing a certain amount of pounds.

If you are entering into 2019 beginning a new diet, I would suggest you actually don’t be as strict with yourself. Instead, use the “rules” of the diet as general guidelines that you follow when you have the means to. By doing this, you are enabled to stress less about not being able to follow the diet in every social situation.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the top two diets that have been predicted to grow in popularity this year.

The Ketogenic Diet

People on a keto diet eat only proteins and fats, almost completely eliminating carbohydrates completely. This can effectively reduce sugar intake. However, the keto diet also eliminates many healthy promoting plant based carbohydrates.

In the long run, eating a ketogenic diet can help control blood sugar. At the same time, eating solely proteins and fats is hard to sustain and eliminates the body’s main source of fuel. It is important to consider that for most people, putting your body in ketosis will cause fatigue and muscle loss.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is derived from the healthy living and eating habits of those living in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. These people have far lower levels of various chronic diseases, and have a higher life expectancy than most other countries.

This diet is comprised of fish, lean meat, legumes, whole grains, and plenty of vegetables. It is also praised for using heart healthy olive oil in cooking and as salad dressing.

One possible reason this diet is so effective, is that it focuses on fresh, whole foods. The mediterranean diet limits dairy, as well as processed foods. If you are tired of diets of pills and special shakes, the mediterranean way of eating is an excellent way of getting back to real food.

Overall, choose whichever diet makes you feel best. Certain ways of eating, such as cutting out entire food groups may work for some, but not for everyone. Cheers to entering a new year with goals to improve your health and life!

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