From active mom's to olympic athletes, just about anyone can benefit from protein powder supplementation.  Since dietary protein plays many important roles in our body (from tissue repair to immune system health), it's important that we get enough in our diets.  Unfortunately, consuming adequate amounts of high quality protein can be challenging - especially for those who chose to limit (or eliminate) meat from their diets.

Adding protein powder to smoothies or baked goods is  an easy and convenient way to ensure that your daily protein requirements are being met.

IMPORTANT:  Regardless of they type of protein powder you choose to use, it's extremely important to choose a product that is of the highest quality and contains only natural ingredients.  Simply put, many of the protein powders on the market are full of unhealthy ingredients.

All of the protein powders available for sale in our online store contain no preservatives, fillers, GMO's, or chemicals of any kind.  These are the exact same powders we use in the energy bars and smoothie mixes that we sell.

Not sure which protein powder is right for you?  Click here to checkout our guide!

hemp protein powder
You'll love the nutty flavour of our Canadian organic hemp powder.  Packed with nutrients, and ..
Organic Pea Protein Isolate
Our unflavoured, non-GMO organic pea protein isolate is the perfect highly bioavailable vegan protei..
organic brown rice protein powder
Just organic brown rice protein with no added preservatives or fillers.  Add to smoothies and o..
NZ Whey Protein Isolate Powder
Just NZ whey protein isolate powder - 100% gluten, starch, yeast, GMO, and rGBH free!  Contains..
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