We offer a wide range of certified organic, non-GMO freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powders that make the perfect addition to smoothies or other foods.

Consuming freeze-dried powders is a fast and easy way to obtain highly concentrated nutrients including vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.

It’s safe to say that we are all aware that fruits and vegetables are a healthy part of any diet and that a majority of people in North America should probably be eating more of these foods.

We hear tips from nutritionists like “eat a rainbow” or "make sure half your plate consists of fruits and vegetables".

For some people, adding that extra serving of fruits and vegetables can be difficult. One way to remedy this is by adding fruit and/or vegetable powders to foods you’re already eating, like smoothies, cereals, or juices.

Read on to find out more about the abundant nutrients and potential health benefits to be gained from adding fruit and vegetable powders to your diet...


While fruits and vegetables contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals, vitamin C and potassium can be found in particularly high concentrations in many of these foods.

Vitamin C can be found in high concentrations in many fruits and vegetables including camu camu berries, acerola cherries, strawberries, and maca root. Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant that is used in many different physiological functions such as the production of hormones in the adrenal glands, strengthening the immune system, collagen production and absorption of iron.

Potassium is one of the most prominent minerals found in fruits and vegetables, including wheatgrass, maca root, and strawberries. It is required to support cardiovascular health, blood pressure, bone strength, and muscle health.

Even though adequate intake recommendation is 4700mg per day, most adults in North America do not get this amount in the typical Western diet. 


Antioxidants are compounds that neutralize free radical molecules from damaging the body. Freeze-dried acai berries have the highest ORAC value (Oxygen Radiance Absorbance Capacity value) of any fruit. ORAC value is a laboratory measure of antioxidant activity for any food. 

One of the main antioxidants found in acai berries is anthocyanin, which is found in many berries including blueberries, strawberries, and cherries. Anthocyanin has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease, help cognitive function, act as an anti-inflammatory, and have anti-cancer properties.


Phytochemicals are biologically active compounds in plants (that includes fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, tea, coffee, etc.) that help plants thrive or protect them from competitors, predators, or pathogens. The phytochemicals in our food can contribute to health benefits for humans.

Chlorophyll is a green plant pigment responsible for light absorption from plants in photosynthesis -- the process of how plants make food from carbon dioxide, water and sunlight. This pigment is abundant in wheatgrass and other green land and sea vegetables. Chlorophyll can have many beneficial effects on the body: 

  • Stimulates phase 2 detoxification in liver which is associated with neutralizing activated toxins and promotes toxin elimination.

  • Strong anti-cancer effects by binding to carcinogens in food and binding to environmental carcinogens (e.g. tobacco smoke, excess UV light).

  • Protects DNA from damage.

  • Strong antioxidant properties.

  • Anti-inflammatory.

Plant sterols are cholesterol-like compounds that are found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and cereals like maca root and açai berries. Plant sterols can decrease absorption of dietary cholesterol thus improving cholesterol levels. In Maca, sterols may play a role in its adaptogenic effects for humans.

Adaptogenic plants help stimulate the endocrine system to maintain hormone balance through a mechanism that is not well understood. Maca helps improve adrenal, thyroid, ovarian/testicular function, as well as the endocrine function of the pancreas and pineal gland. 


Fiber is found in all plant-based foods and nutritional powders including açai, maca, strawberries, and wheatgrass. The health benefits of fiber are numerous. Some fibers are considered food (prebiotics) for good gut bacteria in humans. These gut bacteria feed colon cells and decrease inflammation in the gut.

Eating fiber promotes satiety and some forms of fiber can aid weight loss. Foods with fiber are low on the glycemic index and can decrease post-meal blood sugar spikes.

Fiber can promote heart health by decreasing total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. And of course, fiber can help reduce constipation.


While the most common plant sources of healthy fats can be found in nuts and seeds, some fats can be found in fruits and vegetables. Perhaps surprisingly, açai berries contain high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 and -6, and monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acids (also called oleic acid).

The right balance of these fatty acids has been associated with improving cholesterol levels, improving insulin sensitivity, promoting brain function, and acting as an anti-inflammatory.

Oleic acid has also been shown to enhance the activity of antioxidants.


Fruit and vegetable powders can be a great way to add concentrated nutrients and flavour in your smoothies, juices, yogurts, cereals, and desserts.

Certain fruits and vegetables may not be readily available to eat fresh depending on where you live, such as camu camu, acerola, or maca. So a good way to try new and exotic fruits and vegetables while not missing out on their valuable nutrient profiles is to consume them as a powder. And let’s face it, nutritional powders are just so convenient!

Need a quick and easy nutrient booster to add to your morning cereal or post-workout shake? Just a scoop of fruit & vegetable powders will give you that power-packed addition to your foods.

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