Ferment Your Own Vegetables in 3 Easy Steps

Did you know that your digestive system composes 70% of your immune system?   If our gut bacteria become out of balance, our immune system will become weak, and we will be more susceptible to illness. Fortunately, one of the best and easiest ways to help maintain a healthy population of “friendly” gut bacteria is […]

Top 5 Cholesterol Myths Debunked

A heart with cardiac rythem

Did you know that in the Framingham Study, individuals who lived the longest had the highest cholesterol?  This is certainly the opposite of what conventional wisdom has lead us to believe.  You probably thought that having high cholesterol was horrible for your health, and you should take medication.  Perhaps that’s what your doctor told you? […]

2 Healthy Plant Based Foods High in Saturated Fat

Cracked Coconuts

Saturated fat has gotten a bad rap for decades.  Since the 50’s, we were told to avoid saturated fat at all costs.  We were told that it was harmful to our health, and  “clog arteries” and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.  It’s not until recently that experts in the field of nutrition have finally […]

Top 3 Sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish and Flax high in omega 3

Studies show that as few as 1% of the population consume adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.  This is an alarming statistic, since lack of this important nutrient has been linked to serious ailments, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Here are just some of the benefits of omega-3’s, based on clinical studies: Reduces body inflammation […]