Rasberry cucumber smoothie in glass

Infographic: How to Blend the Perfect Smoothie

Nothing beats the taste of a freshly blended smoothie, arguably the healthiest and most versatile meal choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.    With essentially an endless number of ingredient combinations to choose from, it’s extremely easy to customize a smoothie recipe that compliments your current health and fitness goals.  Better yet, you’ll never get […]
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Food preparation with blender

3 Must-Have Food Prep Tools for Your Kitchen

Having the right arsenal of tools in your kitchen makes all the difference when it comes to successful raw food preparation. In this post, we outline three food preparation tools that will help add variety to your diet, maximize the nutritional value of your food, and make healthy eating easier. #1 – Blendtec or Vitamix […]
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Ferment Your Own Vegetables in 3 Easy Steps

Did you know that your digestive system composes 70% of your immune system?   If our gut bacteria become out of balance, our immune system will become weak, and we will be more susceptible to illness. Fortunately, one of the best and easiest ways to help maintain a healthy population of “friendly” gut bacteria is […]
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